The Pantomime Book

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The Only Collection of the great panto routines. Abook that is essential to all involved with prouducing, directing or appearing in panto.

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Max Miller Appreciation Society's Blue Book

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Roy's autobiography "A FART IN A COLANDER" is now on Double CD

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Like he's sitting in the room with you, Roy reads his own autobiography.

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"Roy Hudd's very own MUSIC HALL

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15 songs from the one-man show with full orchestra & choir:

Where Did You Get That Hat?,
My Old Dutch,
When Father Papered The Parlour,
Two Lovely Black Eyes,
I Live In Trafalgar Square,
Pretty Little Polly Perkins,
The Spaniard That Blighted My Life,
While London Sleeps,
Our Neighbourhood,
It's A Great Big Shame,
The Future Mrs. 'awkins,
The Hole In The Elephants Bottom,
A Nice Quiet Day,
The End od Me old Cigar.

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"Roy Hudd performs MIRTH,MAGIC and MELODRAMA"

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A brand new CD of 26 much requested monologues accompanied by Ian Smith. A collection of my favorites:

1.My Mother doesn't know I'm on the stage,
2.Laugh and the world laughs with you,
3.The Gravedigger's Wedding,
4.Jenny Kissed Me,
5.The Lion and Albert,
6.Dawn Patrol,
7.Yorkshire pudden,
8.But he didn't!,
9.An Old Dogs Prayer,
10.Yhe Girl on the stairs,
11.A Sailor's Farewell To His Horse,
12.The Green Eye of the Little Yellow God,
13.Piddling Pete,
16.If You'll Pardon My Saying So,
17.London Pride,
18.Shut Up!,
19.The Magic Wand,
20.The Pig,
21.The Touch of The Master's Hand,
22.Death-is nothing at all,
23.Brahn Boots,
24.London Transport Prayer,
25.The Little Guttersnipe
26.Wonderful Love.

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